is more creative than a toy
and safer than Mom’s makeup.


Laura, Elisa and Francesca are three friends and colleagues who work in the field of fashion and cosmetics; but, first and foremost, they are mothers. When they return home from work at the end of the day, they find their girls eager to hug them and play with their makeup. They are quite familiar with cosmetic formulations and know that traditional formulas are not suitable for their girls.

This is where the magic begins…

Three friends and colleagues who, relying on their professional knowledge, decide to start a wonderful ethical and safe project and give life to a range of products developed specifically for the needs of their little women, who love to play “grown-ups”, imitating their mothers. This is how Lallabee was born, an innovative makeup line of safe, non-toxic and non-harmful products for little girls…

A great dream, a wonderful project,
more than a toy for little women!